The world of online business degrees has widened in recent years, with the addition of many types of degrees that students can obtain without setting foot on a college campus. The certificate, associate, bachelor and masters degrees cover some of the most popular and in-demand business careers in the industry and are geared toward helping the graduates earn the job. Unlike other degrees, an online business degree is ideal for the high-tech distance learning, because there is no lab or hands-on work required to complete the courses.


Common certificates acquired online are for paralegal, bookkeeping, administrative assistant, business administration and many more. The hundreds of certificates are designed to offer continuing education to professionals and to teach people the specific tools they need to transition into a new career. Certificate programs are usually last less than a year and are not covered by federal financial aid programs.

Associates Degrees

The associate degree is an online business degree that students can most often earn in two years or less. They involve more intense study than the certificate programs and are often used to segue into a higher degree arena, like a bachelor’s degree. Some associates degree programs offered online include accounting, marketing, economics, business administration, data processing, e-commerce and more. There are less associate degree offering than certificate programs, but students seeking an associate degree are eligible for financial aid.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Online business degrees also turn out as many professionals ready for the job market as the brick and mortar schools do. Students can enroll in the programs to become accountants, economists, marketing consultants, financiers and junior executives. These degrees in accounting, finance, marketing, management, economics and more are the degrees that corporate headhunters look for when searching for people to fill open positions in middle management.


The most advanced online business degree is the masters in business administration degree. The MBA is a degree that most corporate executives hold. It is a requirement for any job that is known by a three-letter moniker (CEO, CFO, etc.). The leadership positions in the company are reserved for people who have studied the world of business to earn this advanced degree. In accounting, a CPA or certified public accountant usually holds an MBA as well. Additional courses beyond the bachelor’s degree requirements are necessary for earning a CPA license. Students almost always opt for the MBA as a way to maximize the use of those additional courses. The MBA has different concentrations in the world of business, but all of them are available via online business degree programs.

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