I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to start the process of teaching the fundamentals of MARKET MASTERY. We will cover marketing basics, what marketing is,what marketing is not.

Here are a few examples: Marketing is a strategy that you can use to find the customers and meet his or her needs. You have to figure out where the market is for that since you do not want to market boats in the desert. In other words, it is important to listen or identify what the needs of your clients are. Not try to convince them to buy something they do not need because they know what they need. It is up to you to deliver what they need, and ignore everything else.

Effective Marketing: In my opinion, a simple way in laymen’s terms to understand what marketing is: Marketing creates a lead, and the opportunity for a sale. Marketing is not a sale. The two are very different they have there own identity. Marketing feeds the channel for sale. Here are a few marketing channels: Word of mouth, Radio, Television, Newspaper, Internet, etc. Marketing works on several fronts because if you look at any company they are going to have a lead in product and a product on the back end if the company is built on the right foundation.

Benefits are the story of the product or service that we are representing. Whenever we are working marketing, whether it is again radio, TV, writing a newsletter, direct mail, our focus will be headline, body and a call to action that is benefit driven.

Offer a GUARANTEE. Stand by your product. There will be people that will order and take advantage of the Guarantee. Along with them you will also attract the right type of people to your product, service or program.

Provide contact information. You would be surprised at how many things I have seen on the internet or newspapers that do not provide proper contact information. Sometimes people ask, what is more effective, including a phone number or website address? I would do both. With direct mail you may want to use a coupon piece of information, if possible.

Test Ideas: Some companies spend millions of dollars testing what I am teaching right now. My belief is to find someone who is getting results and than do what they do. The result is we will get what they have. It’s called modeling. Study the headlines and become a student. Think of all the benefits that are out there right now. Find one and TAKE ACTION!!!

We are going to talk about your business, even if you don’t have one yet. You could develop into a lead generation expert, which is in high demand. You could train yourself to become a marketing expert, become a funnel for other companies. Make money because you are a master of marketing!! Whether involved in the information business or something else. As you are involved in watching the experts, you will find it all comes back to whether it is a physical presentation, face to face, or an add in the paper. Even if it is a TV or radio message similar principals apply to each one automatically. Headline benefit, capture interest. Subhead to support it, body and call to action. This is the foundation where we start and it just evolves and grows. It is an art to discover the insiders secrets.

Ezine by Richard Stokes