One of the most popular fields of study today is Business. Perhaps this is because the idea of ​​success going hand in hand with business is highly appealing to many individuals, or perhaps it is because business covers a wide range of opportunities and occupations. Whatever the reason may be, students are not stopping at an MBA, but rather, are continuing forward and seeking post-graduate degrees in Business such as a PhD in Business and a Doctor of Business Administration degree (DBA). However, with busy schedules such as many business-related positions demand, it can be extremely challenging to find the time to pursue a Doctorate degree. Therefore Business students are turning to the growing number of online PhD degrees to further their education and to perhaps advance their careers. These programs are generally quite flexible and can fit into one's often chaotic life with great ease.

PhD programs in Business are actually one of the most commonly found online PhD programs alongside with PhDs in Psychology and Education. Though the terms PhD and Doctorates are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the two. A PhD degree in Business is a PhD degree, which means that it is an academic Doctorate degree. This involves lengthy studies, a dissertation, and generally a defense as well. A DBA degree on the other hand, is a Doctor of Business Administration degree. It is viewed as equivalent to the PhD in Business degree; however it demands less research and requires more practical and hands-on information. Graduates of PhD in Business programs often go on to academic or research positions whereas DBA graduates advance to higher administrative positions in the field of Business. Both of these programs are available online through a variety of prestigious universities and colleges and can contribute greatly to students' knowledge of Business as well as to the success of their careers. Nowadays, successful business individuals are focusing on their education in hope that it will only further their success and their knowledge of the business industry. Whether one chooses the PhD program or the DBA program, one thing is for certain; the fruits of their hard labor will be seen.

Ezine by Don Tabitkin