Welcome to the third installment of YouTube Marketing: Insider Techniques. In the previous articles we have discussed many ways on how you can efficiently advertise your videos on YouTube. I will have to stress again that marketing isn't marketing without putting into use killer strategies that will involuntarily attract traffic into your websites. This third installment will tackle additional techniques that you can definitely take advantage of to propel yourself to the top.

The first YouTube Marketing Technique that we shall tackle is about "lifestyle videos"

What are Lifestyle Videos?

These are videos about you, your family or you life in general. People are attracted to lifestyle videos because they are able to get a glimpse of who you are as a person. Make videos of you in the park with you family or your kids, or regular vacation vids will do. This will show your prospects that you're a real person whom they can bank on and have business with and whom they can relate with. A real and good bond between you and your prospects is very important. This is where entirely good business starts. So make sure you do this and don't just concentrate on making videos about your business.

Conferences, Conventions and Seminar Videos

The next important YouTube Marketing Technique that you ought to employ is making videos about the conferences, convention or seminars that you have been to. Part of marketing yourself as an authority is surrounding yourself with other leaders to put YOU in a better light with your customers. How do you do this? Interview a leading money-earner who is in your line of business. Interview somebody who is doing great in attraction marketing. Interview a top internet marketer. Interview a principal public speaker or the boss of your company. You can also interview principal money-earners outside of your company.

You could either post this video on YouTube or give it as a bonus to individuals who have joined or purchased your product or service

Proliferate your video all over video sharing websites

If you fancy to transport your video marketing efforts to a whole new level, you must become skilled at how to spread them into different video sharing websites. Aside from YouTube, there are many websites where you can upload your videos too. Upload them to podcast websites, other social media websites or social bookmarking websites. The more videos you upload the better your ranking will be. Google considers this as "relevant content". The more websites means the more subject matter, therefore the better ranking. Video service is the service of choice for all leading internet marketers. So don't think twice about using this system.

A good video service you can use is ttoreliableadvertiser.com or trafficgeyser.com. Use this system and I assure you that you will get positive results. Try it!

Ezine by Clement K Christiansen