Understanding that there is a distinct difference between strategic marketing and tactical marketing will aid any marketer in their development of a solid marketing plan. If you are like me and used to be a good Direct Mail or traditional Brick-and-Mortar marketing professional than you may be offended by what I am about to tell you. If you read this introduction with an open mind, you may just find that what I am about to say is true and has been for years.

There are two types of marketing:

1. Strategic Marketing and

2. Tactical Marketing

Strategic marketing has to do with What you Say, How you Say it and Who you Say it To. In other words, it's the content of your marketing message.

Tactical marketing is the execution of your strategic marketing plan as far as generating leads, placing media, creating marketing tools and implementing a follow-up system. In other words, it's the medium your message is delivered in.

How Big Is The Distinction Between Strategic and Tactical Marketing?

The distinction between strategic and tactical marketing is huge. Most people mistakenly assume that when you talk about marketing that you're automatically talking about Tactical Marketing such as:

* Placing ads

* Lead generation

* Creating brochures

* Sending out mailers

* Attending trade shows

* implementing a follow-up system

They fail to realize that the strategic side of the equation:

What you Say

How you Say it

Who you Say it To

– is almost always more important than the marketing medium where you say it. To succeed as an Internet Marketer, a thorough understanding of this difference is crucial.

The basic definition of good communication is:

* Have something good to say

* Say it well

* Say it often

The best marketing and advertising in the world can not make a bad company good. Oh it may generate some attention and make some advertising agency a lot of money or win them an award (Pets.com), but saying something good about a company that can not execute what it claims is a recipe for failure.

A traditional advertising agency will use the C&R method of marketing Creativity and Repetition tries to capitalize on some creative ad using something that is unusual or exciting and then blast it all over the world using TV, Bill boards, newspapers, magazines, etc. in an attempt to build "Brand" awareness.

It is my hope that by reviewing this website and some of the articles you find here, you will begin to realize that there is a very specific strategic approach to internet marketing and begin to use some new methods in the way you approach internet marketing After all , where else can you create a headline, and ad or an offer and get feedback on its effectiveness within hours?

Ezine by Joe Cavell